Pharmacy Academic Program

The Pharmacist Academics at University Departments of Rural Health (PAUDRH) scheme was established under the terms of the Third Community Pharmacy Agreement.  This scheme provided funding to recruit a part-time academic pharmacist at each UDRH in Australia. The purpose of this was to raise the profile of rural pharmacy within UDRHs and Schools of Pharmacy. Managed by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the objectives are listed on its website as follows:

  1. To raise the profile of rural pharmacy within Pharmacy Schools and University Departments of Rural Health, and to increase rural content in rural curricula so that pharmacy graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills to practice effectively in rural areas
  2. To ensure that pharmacy graduates will have an awareness of the relevant issues involved in the treatment and care of rural populations and to encourage them to practice in rural and remote communities
  3. To provide advisory, mentoring and developmental support to pharmacists practising in UDRH areas and to increase the number of trained preceptors to supervise students in the area
  4. To provide academic support and mentoring to students on internship placements in UDRH areas

Each pharmacist academic has developed an individual program in response to the needs of the profession and the general population in their region. In addition to this, they have combined to form a PAUDRH network aimed at furthering projects of common interest across rural and remote Australia. Successful projects to date have included the development of a rural pharmacy orientation resource package (and website for easy access to resources, see, regular continuing education articles with a rural theme published in Australian Pharmacist, the development of resources for a rural and remote practice network, as well as several conference presentations.

In June 2006 that this program was to be expanded as part of the Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

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