The Contribution of Organisational Change to Optimising the Workforce in Primary Care

This project aims to systematically review the evidence that organisational development (OD) contributes towards achieving organisational priorities and performance in primary care. The review will consider the evidence of the utility of OD in comparable healthcare systems - Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom - and will place that evidence in an Australian context. Recommendations on how this evidence might be implemented, based on the views of policy makers and the end-users in primary care, will be made. 

The key objectives of this review are therefore to determine:

  1. What is the evidence that OD is effective in optimising the primary care workforce? 
  2. What is the evidence that OD can support the achievement of policy priorities and performance in primary care? 
  3. How can OD be applied efficiently and cost effectively to primary care in Australia?

This project is due for completion in October 2007 and is a collaboration between Flinders University, Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI), Charles Sturt University and the University of Edinburgh.  The project is funded by the Australian National University's APHCRI, Stream 6 Workforce funding.