Life! - Taking Action on Diabetes Program

Life! - Taking Action on Diabetes is a Primary Care based lifestyle behaviour change program for 25,000 Victorians, aged 50 years and over and Aboriginal Victorians of all ages who are identified as at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Australia – Victoria are the lead agency for the Life! program which is funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services. The Greater Green Triangle University Department of Rural Health is conducting the training of program facilitators and is taking a lead role in evaluation and development of the Life! program.

Participation in the Life! program is initiated via an easy to use risk assessment tool (Diabetes Risk Test) that assesses risk of developing type 2 diabetes. People’s level of risk is to be confirmed in a visit to the General Practitioner (GP). Those at high risk (>15), have a series of clinical tests and physical measures such as height, weight and waist circumference are recorded. The person will be referred to a lifestyle behavioural change program of six group sessions; the first five sessions are conducted fortnightly and the sixth is at eight month period.

Topics covered in the sessions include understanding food and the healthy eating guidelines, the benefits of being healthy and active and how to reduce risk factors for diabetes. Participants also are supported to set achievable healthy eating and physical activity goals and work through issues that have potential to be barriers to achieving their goals.

For information on program eligibility contact the Life! helpline on 13 7475 (13 RISK), or email <[email protected]>.

To read more about the Life! program visit <>.


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