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Public Health

The Public Health program was established in 2003 in collaboration with the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki, Finland. The program aims to improve the overall health of the community of the Greater Green Triangle region by undertaking research into the prevalence of chronic disease risk factors. Continuing surveillance of levels and patterns of risk factors is of fundamental importance for the planning, implementation and evaluation of public health activities. Health monitoring provides a powerful tool to define disease burden, identify populations at highest risk and determine the prevalence of health risks. Information on the risk factor profile and its changes in the population can also be effectively utilised in raising the awareness of health and health risks in the population.
A number of programs have been implemented and focus primarily on the chronic diseases diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Projects within this program include the national demonstrator Diabetes Prevention Project and a series of Risk Factor Surveys investigating the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. Surveys for the Wimmera Risk Factor Survey Project are currently being undertaken in the Wimmera region of north western Victoria.
Since 2003 the GGT UDRH has also worked to improve health monitoring in the Greater Green Triangle region by:
  1. Analysing area specific mortality data to assess the trends and patterns in various population groups
  2. Undertaking risk factor surveys to test the methodology and feasibility of the approach
  3. Planning a strategy and seeking funding for the introduction of continuous monitoring activities
For more information about the Public Health program contact Professor James Dunbar.