Allied Health Workforce Enhancement - Physiotherapy Locum Pilot

Recruitment and retention of allied health professionals are significant issues in the Barwon South West and Wimmera regions of south west Victoria. This is evidenced by a number of indicators including hard to fill long-term vacancies and high staff turnover. Factors include feelings of professional isolation and lack of career opportunities. Allied health professionals who work in sole positions and in more remote areas are particularly disadvantaged (for example, in accessing continuing professional development).
The well established shortage of allied health personnel in rural and remote areas of Australia requires effective and sustainable strategies to recruit and retain allied health professionals. This project is part of a series of initiatives by the GGT UDRH and its partners to address allied health workforce issues in the region.

The main objectives of this project include:
  1. To address workforce recruitment and retention issues of allied health staff in the Barwon South West and Wimmera regions
  2. To maintain the position of a part-time academic Senior Lecturer, part-time locum physiotherapist for the Barwon South West and Wimmera regions
  3. To provide Physiotherapy staff within these regions access to locum support
  4. To develop a strategy for recruitment and retention of allied health staff for the region

The Department runs a series of continuing professional development seminars for allied health professionals and other interested parties. Details of the current program can be found in the 'Related Resources' box on this page.

This project is funded by the Department of Human Services - Victoria.


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