Continuing Professional Development Program


CPD for Allied Health supports and supplements the educational needs of allied health professionals and those who work with them, particularly in rural and regional Victoria.

It is free and open to all allied health professionals in Victoria: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, and other professionals working in areas of allied health.

The program has been funded by the Department of Human Services (VIC) to improve recruitment and retention of the rural allied health workforce. Professionals in the metropolitan area also have access to the program. The online program is accessible in a number of states of Australia.

We aim to be a leader in the delivery of online learning for allied health professionals, with professional development that complements that offered by the professional associations in each specialisation.

Online or face-to-face training with CPD for Allied Health can support your professional development and help to improve patient outcomes.


The CPD website offers allied health professionals the following features, information and resources:


Joining the learning network of allied health professionals and CPD experts is as simple as registering on the CPD website.
Registration will give you access to our online training resources and past presentations in a range of formats along with previews of upcoming presentations and a link to allied health professionals across the State.

To request or learn more about general CPD sessions in your area, or to organise a specialist session in your workplace, contact Jan Lier or phone (03) 5551 8448.