About Ararat

Ararat was established in 1954 by the chinese after gold was found 6km west of the town. It was named after a nearby mountain and declared a municipality in 1958. 

Today, Ararat is a town of 7,100 people and is well known for its fine wine and wool, along with the regions diverse range of agricultural crops.
With temperatures ranging from 10C-26C in Summer and 4C-12C in the Winter, Ararat has some beautiful landscapes to be explored, such as the wonderful gardens, national and state parks, and a drive up to One Tree Hill which will provide breathtaking views of nearby Mt Cole, Mt Langi Ghiran and the Grampians.


Ararat has numerous retail outlets for clothing, homeware, electrical and general goods. There are 2 large supermarket chains, Coles and Safeway. Please note that the opening hours are typically more restricted than those in the city, and in most towns the typical opening hours are from 7am-10pm daily.
There is also a Trash and Treasure Market on the 2nd Sunday of every Month from 9am-1.30pm at Alexander Hall.


There are more than 30 places to eat including restaurants, takeaways, hotels, cafes, bistros and bakeries.

Sports and Recreation

Ararat has numerous clubs and societies such as badminton and swimming. There is a golf course, and access to many national parks for bushwalking and hiking.

Useful Information

There are 4 major banks including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the Bendigo Bank, St George and Westpac. Bank hours are typically 9.00am-4.00pm Monday to Friday, although ATMs allow 24/7 access to funds.

The Ararat Regional Library is located in Barkly Street and is open Monday-Friday from 10am-5.30pm and from 10am-Midday on a Saturday.

Internet Access
Internet access is available to students at the following loations in Ararat:

Post Offices
The Ararat Post Shop is located at 93 Barkly St and is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Travel Times

Ararat is located 205 kilometres north west of Melbourne and is accessible by both car and train.
The travel time is approximately 2½ hours by car from Melbourne to Ararat. 
Ararat is accessible from Melbourne by both car and train.

If you are travelling from somewhere other than Melbourne, or would like further information on transport to Ararat, visit VicLink.

Further Information

For more information on Ararat and the surrounding areas go here

or contact the Ararat Visitor Information Centre:
91 High Street,
Ararat, VIC 3377
Ph: (03) 5355 0281

Orientation Tours can be arranged for students whilst they are on placement, or for a Map of Ararat visit Wilkins Tourist Maps. Select Victoria from the list of State Maps and then select ‘Ararat’ from the list of Victorian Maps.